Mykonos, Greece June 2, 2010

I believe Mykonos is one the most beautiful places in the Greek Islands. It is located on the Aegean Sea and we spent the morning walking the narrow pathways that were built to foil the pirates. It just confused the tourists!

Here is Bonnie and I just doing the touristy thing of walking around and taking lots of pictures.

Then we made our obligatory stop for something to cool us off. I found most of the wine is red or white, no fancy names. And all the reds were outstanding and very inexpensive!

Here is Gene taking a break from shopping. Yes, that’s a Smirnoff Ice, but in Europe there is vodka in it. Yummy! Notice Gene’s bag slung over his shoulder? He bought that in 1998 when we were in Puerto Vallarta and he takes it on all vacations as his shopping bag.

And here are the famous windmills. We had to search all those windy passage ways to find them, but it was worth it.  

In the afternoon we decided we were going to take the bus to Paradise Island. We rented chairs and umbrellas. I did walk into the sea, but it was so cold! We have a picture of me in the water, wearing a bathing suit, but I won’t bore you with that picture.

Here is Bonnie walking along the sidewalk to the bus stop after sunbathing. We are heading back into town to catch the ship. Notice that even the apartment buildings are the blue and white colors.

And what would it be without a whitewash church. Church of Paraportiani.

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