Florence June 10, 2010

Trish, Tery & Bonnie, stopping for something to eat and drink.

Side Street in Florence.

The following pictures are of the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore). This is Florence’s Gothic cathedral. It is covered with pink, green, and white Tuscan marble. Built in the 1870’s. This cathedral was blocks long!

Galleria Academia that housed Michelangelo’s David

When you walk in you are awe struck by the beauty of David. He is on a pedestal under a dome of light. It takes your breathe away.

Here we are on our last night together. The next day Bonnie and Trish flew back to Arizona and Gene and I headed back to Istanbul for a couple more days before heading home. The whole trip was phenomenal and I will always cherish the memories.

Bonnie & Trish after a few glasses of wine

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