Victoria, BC August 2011

In August we took a float plane from Seattle to Victoria, BC. I’m not too keen on little planes, let alone the larger ones, but it is a fast way to get to Victoria. I believe it is less than an hour flight.
It’s unbelievable how close you get to the space needle.
Gene holding the door and Paul helping Terri out.

Kurt exiting the plane

Kurt and Sabra taking a leisurely stroll.

Kurt and Sabra

Three happy guys. One a little bit happier than the other.
Terri, Gene and Kurt down by the water.

Here are pictures of the Parliament during the day and one lit up at night.

Stopping for lunch, Gene, Sabra, Tery, Terri, and Kurt

Tery, Sabra, and Terri

Paul, Kurt, and Gene

Big Bad John bar. Check out the bras hanging from the ceiling.
It was a fun weekend with some great people.
Here we are waiting for the plane so we can go home.

Gene on the airplane heading home
Kurt got to sit in the cockpit.

We must not have taken off yet since my eyes are still open.
Terri and I on the plane. I was putting in ear plugs because it gets very noisy.

View of downtown and the Parliament as we fly out of Victoria.

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