May 31, 2010, Katakolo, Greece, is located on the Mediterranean Sea. This island is so small it didn’t even get a mention in Fodor’s guide. However, it was a beautiful little place.

A picture of main street.

Oh My Gosh! The lemon trees were everywhere. And the lemons were the size of baseballs if not larger.

Of course we stopped for something to drink and eat. Here is another Greek salad with feta and Tzadziki. This was the first time we tried Tzadziki and we liked it so much we tried it at every stop. Tzadziki is a cucumber, Greek yogurt, and garlic spread.

Gene and I in front of a beautiful tree in bloom.
Corfu, May 30, 2010
When we docked in Corfu we decided to take a bus into town, walk around, do a couple of museums, have something to eat. Corfu is a small island on the Ionian Sea. This is the Spinada Square before the shops opened. At the end of the day this is where we stopped for some wine or beer.
As we walked around town we came across this statue. Incase you can’t read the plaque; it says “Costas Geoegakis – Student – Corfu 1948-1970 Genoa. Burned himself to death for the freedom and democracy of Greece in Genoa, Italy” A quote from Costas “I cannot do other than think and live as a free man.”

We hiked up to the Old Fortress built by the Venetians in 1546 on the site of the Byzantine Castle. Here is Gene and I with the fort behind us.

Then we headed into town and checked out the Palace of St Michaels and St George. Here is a picture of the thrown room. It blows your mind to imagine a King sat on the thrown.

Before we got something to eat we stopped at the Museum of Asiatic Art. It had a collection Asian porcelains and Sino-Japanese art.

Here is Gene’s Greek salad. The large thick slab of cheese is feta. As soon as you sit down they bring you bread. It was the worst bread I have eaten. It tasted like it was stale, but everyone else liked that crusty tough taste.


May 29, 2010. We dock in Dubrovnik, Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. A beautiful port town. As it turns out our brother-in-law, Dan, married to Gene’s sister Debbie, his family is from Croatia and visited there as a child and even speaks the language
We walked through the market in the middle of town. And they were very generous with samples!

Everywhere you went there were skinny passageways that you navigated. There were no cars allowed in this part of town. We walked so many stairs that day.

We made a morning stop for something to drink. I stuck with Sprite since they didn’t have Pepsi. The waiter had an instant crush on Trish! Plus he was envious of Gene traveling with 3 women.

Trish and I doing some shopping. It looks like I’m shoplifting, but I promise I’m not!

Here is a picture of a couple local women having their morning coffee and cigarette.

The Clock Tower

And a church, which I believe is Jesuit Church of St Ignatius.

After a long day of roaming the beautiful streets of Dubrovnik, we stopped for a glass of wine before heading back to the ship. Left to right: Tery, Trish, Bonnie, and Gene.