Tahiti - 2005

We took a fabulous trip to Tahiti in 2005. It was so awesome I thought I would add it to the blog. A few of us went early and stayed in Moorea for a few days before catching the cruise ship. The first picture is me on the deck of our bungalow in Moorea. We were on the beach facing a lagoon.

Here is the lagoon with a dolphin flying through the air. And that is Jana on an air mattress watching the dolphin show.

I’m snorkeling in the lagoon.
Tery & Gene in front of the ferry that will take us to Papeete to catch the cruise ship.

Here is the group that came to Moorea before the cruise. Front left: Martha, Linda, Bonnie, Jana, Tery, (behind Tery) Tim, Gene, Dennis, Cindy, Kevin and Jose.

Papeete Market
Here we all are on the cruise ship where Donna, Gerry, and Bonnie met us. Front row: Bonnie & Dennis. Right to left: Tery, Gerry, Donna, Jose, Linda, Kevin, Martha, Bonnie, Gene, Cindy, Jana & Tim.

Martha, Gene, and Linda having a drink at the bar

Tery having an appletini before dinner on the ship.

Our first stop is Huahine where we did a drift snorkel trip. Bonnie, Tery, and Bonnie.

Downtown Huahine

Dennis paying for his drink

I love this picture of Martha and Jose!

Formal night on the ship

Next stop: Roratonga. A few of us walked around the town and stopped for drinks.

Raiatea was the next stop. Here is a picture from our balcony on the ship. On this trip we all split up and did our own thing. Gene did a lot of diving.  Dennis, Bonnie, Tim, Jana, and I went on a river boat tour.
I have to have at least one shot of Gene shopping for trinkets.

Next stop: Bora Bora, Bonnie shopping.

One of our favorite places was Bloody Mary’s. The floor is all sand and you check your shoes when you go in. This is Cindy and I sitting with Martha and Jose standing.

Martha, Jose, and Gene at Bloody Marys. Check out the floor and Martha’s bare feet!

After the cruise Martha, Jose, Dennis, Bonnie, Gene and I stayed a few more days in Papeete before flying home. Everyone else flew back once the cruise docked. Here is a picture of one of the pools and bar area at the hotel we stayed in.

They were having 2 for 1 Poco-Loco.

On our last day Jose, Gene and Bonnie went into town and Gene helped Bonnie pick out a black pearl.

Martha, Dennis, and I stayed back at the infinity pool to relax and have fun with the camera! Here is Marvelous Martha!

Then we have Terrific Tery

And last, but not least, Dorkus Dennis!

OK, I can’t be that cruel. Here is Dashing Dennis!

The three guys got a little toasted and decided to buy Pareo’s. First Jose disappeared and came back wearing his Pareo. Gene and Dennis thought Jose looked fabulous so they ran off and each bought one. Nice tennis shoes guys!

Florence June 10, 2010

Trish, Tery & Bonnie, stopping for something to eat and drink.

Side Street in Florence.

The following pictures are of the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore). This is Florence’s Gothic cathedral. It is covered with pink, green, and white Tuscan marble. Built in the 1870’s. This cathedral was blocks long!

Galleria Academia that housed Michelangelo’s David

When you walk in you are awe struck by the beauty of David. He is on a pedestal under a dome of light. It takes your breathe away.

Here we are on our last night together. The next day Bonnie and Trish flew back to Arizona and Gene and I headed back to Istanbul for a couple more days before heading home. The whole trip was phenomenal and I will always cherish the memories.

Bonnie & Trish after a few glasses of wine

Pisa,June 10, 2010

When we were in Florence we took a day trip to Pisa.  Here is the train we took to get there.

Bonnie on the train having a glass of wine.

Pulling into the train station.

Trish standing next to a little police car.

Of course the Leaning Tower of Pisa. According to the travel book, the first stones were laid in 1173! Can you imagine something that old?

And here is Gene trying to straighten the Tower. It was a lot of fun meandering around the square. Lots of shops and places to eat.