Bangkok, Thailand November 2011

Even at the airport they have great looking statues.

On our first day we hired a driver, Mr. Narong, who took us to the floating market, an elephant ride, and the bridge over river Kwai. We rode in a boat around the market. You see vendor’s on the side selling trinkets and then the women and men riding along in boats selling food. Some  are even cooking hot food.

Then off we went to ride an elephant. I wasn’t too happy about this. I don’t like to get on a horse because they are so big! But an elephant? Crazy! My friend Bea said I had to do it because I’ll probably never get another chance. It wasn’t too bad. Except I felt the basket we were in was sliding off on Gene’s side.

Onto The Bridge Over River Kwai! Fascinating to see something that you have read about. We were able to walk on the bridge even though it had railroads tracks running over it. If a train came you had to get to the side. It has little pockets that you can stand in when a train come. No train while we were on it. There is a floating restaurant next to it and of course a statue of a Buddha.
Before we left, Thailand was having some of the worst flooding in over 70 years. Gene was getting nervous, but we had everything booked, and I knew we would be spending more time in Southern Thailand where the flooding didn’t touch. We did see a little bit on the outskirts of Thailand and our driver, Mr. Narong, said his home was flooded.  We didn’t have any rain on our whole trip and the weather was perfect! From low 80’s to mid 90’s.

And here is Mr. Narong! Great guy, will go the extra mile, and spoke very good English.

Our hotel boasts the best view of Bangkok. Here is a picture from the view area. They also had these great cut outs that Gene and I tried! Don’t we look like authentic Thai people!

This is a picture of my shrimp won ton soup that was delicious.
Sometimes you come across the “squat” toilets. You just have to grit your teeth, squat, and hope your aim is accurate!

Highline Hospital November 2011

Two days before we left on our vacation Gene broke his little finger playing basketball. This is really bad because now he can’t go swimming or diving on our trip.