November 27-28 Hanoi, Vietnam

We headed back to Hanoi for our last night in Vietnam. That means we only had a few hours to explore Hanoi and I was still sick. I sucked it up moved very slowly through the streets. As with the other 2 countries you take your life in your hands when crossing the street! We stayed at the Cinnamon Hotel in the Old Quarters.
When I booked the room I had the choice of the city view or an old beautiful church. I thought the view of the church was the best bet.
I had to walk around the streets to locate the church without all the wires. It truly was a beautiful church. It is St Joseph Cathedral inaugurated in 1886.
I had an article about Hoan Kiem Lake so we meandered over to see it. According to the legend, emperor Lê Li handed a magic sword called Heaven's Will which brought him victory in his revolt against the Chinese Ming Dynasty back to the Golden Turtle God (Kim Qui) in the lake and hence gave it its present name (the lake was formerly known as Luc Thuy meaning "Green Water"). The Turtle Tower (Thap Rùa) standing on a small island near the centre of lake is linked to the legend. (from Wikipedia)

The rest are pictures I took of the street life.

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  1. Not too bad for someone that was sick as I was walking around the city. Really wished we had more time to explore Hanoi.