Lavender Jade

When we were in Bangkok Gene bought a jade statue. It is an unusual color, lavender. I looked it up on the internet and found out some fun facts:
What is the Meaning of Lavender Jade?
Since ancient times, jade has been valued for its use in jewelry, sculpture and traditional medicinal techniques. One variety of this important gemstone, known as "lavender jade" has a pale lilac coloration. It is symbolically associated with emotional introspection
Lavender jade is a pink-to-purple variation of jadeitite, one of the two minerals commonly classified as "true jade." It may range in color from creamy pink to blue-violet.
Lavender jade is far rarer than nephrite, a jade-mineral that ranges in hue from off-white to emerald green. Of the shades of jadeitite, which also include orange, brown and green, lavender is the rarest.
Here are a couple of pictures of the front and back, which is which, I don’t know.