November 22, 2011 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

We hired a tour guide and a day pass to roam through the temples of Angkor. Very fascinating to explore. Our guide was a young woman with the best sense of humor! For our one day we visited Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. We took so many pictures it is hard to decide which ones to include. Remember….you can click on the picture to enlarge them. They started building the temples in AD 802 and it’s amazing what good shape they are in. The temples were all built by volunteers. I wouldn’t be surprised that “volunteer” had a different meaning than it does today….maybe like “you volunteer or beheaded.”

Here is our tour guide, Sinah. She loved to make crazy faces.
This is a picture worth clicking on for a closer look. Check out all the faces that are carved out of stone. How many can you find?
Closer look at one of the faces

The queens have their own burial tomb
An array of carvings

It’s amazing how the tree’s roots take over the temples

We saw one monkey but were told there are many.
This is the Kings bath
Lion Guards
Here is Angor Wat with the refection in the water.
Midway through the day we stopped for lunch. Sinah recommended Amok soup. It is chicken cooked in coconut milk and then served in the coconut. Declicious!