Fort Lauderdale, Florida April 3, 2013

Before we caught the cruise on the 6th, we wanted to spend some time in Florida. In the early 1970’s I use to live in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale with a short stink in Miami at the beginning. My daughter was born in Hollywood, Florida, so she is a little Floridian! Florida is one of my favorite places in the United States and I always dream of moving back in my retirement years. When I lived there I was good friends with Denise Weidlich and Ronnie Hanson. Denise and I were inseparable. It has been many many years since I have seen either, so I wanted to connect up with them. Denise had moved to New York in the 70’s and recently moved back to Florida, where she grew up. Ronnie never left J
Fort Lauderdale Beach and a bird enjoying getting his feet wet. For some reason the beach scene keeps going sideways, but you can still see the beautiful palms. 

 Denise & I before Ronnie showed up. We are at the Hollywood Boardwalk.

Here are the 3 of us. It was great seeing Denise and meeting her new guy. A bonus getting Ronnie to take an hour or two from his busy law office to catch up with someone he hasn’t seen in too many years to count. Denise has promised to come up for salmon fishing 2014.

I remember now. It was Gene taking the pictures from my iPhone. If it doesn't work right....blame the spouse!

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