Puntarenas, Costa Rica April 14, 2013

Our last stop on the cruise was Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Gene and I have been there twice on land trips and it is one of our most favorite places to visit. We took the Tabacon Springs excursion, which makes it our 3rd trip to the hot springs. It was a 1 ½ hour bus trip to get there and then another 1 ½ hour back. If you have ever been to the springs then you know it is worth the trip.
Here is a beautiful church we saw on the way there.

The bus driver made a stop so we could see a very fruitful banana tree. That is a flower at the bottom.
This was a shop/hut across the street from the entrance to the springs.
We arrived! The bus ride was entertaining with our guide pointing out items of interest so it really didn’t seem like a long trip.
Caught Bonnie and Dennis getting cozy.
Gene enjoying one of the hotter springs
Gene and I with Dennis and a stranger enjoying one of the many springs.

And Gene enjoying a couple of other springs.

Bonnie and I enjoying one of the springs while I try a Coco Loco drink.
A picture of Arenal, which is an active volcano, with Bonnie and I.
I’m adding some pictures of the amazing flora. Each flower is unique and spectacular.

Now for the bus ride back. The guide picked one of the flowers at the hot springs. I believe its name has to do with a honey comb.

On the way back they broke up the trip stopping off at a butterfly field and of course shopping.

A couple of orchids. I have one just like the yellow orchid. Of course not so abundant.

On the hillside next to the shop.

So long Costa Rica until we see you again. We will be back.

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