Sea Days on the Ship

We had some great drinks

Ketel One Vodka

Dennis and I having one for the road. I am wearing Dennis’ favorite shirt. I make sure I always have it packed when I know he will be there.

Gene and I dressing up for dinner

Gene and his bud, Dennis, having a pre-dinner drink.

Bonnie & Dennis just checking out the action by the pool
We got in a chipping contest. We hit the ball into the pool that had 3 hoola hoops. None of us won.

Watched an ice carving

Meditating by the pool
Gambling in the Casino. We entered a black jack contest. Gene and Bonnie made it to the last round and then lost.

Going for dinner
Fun with professional pictures
Can we get any cuter?
Gene and Dennis make a good looking couple
Bonnie and I are an even better looking couple
And then me all by myself with my wine
There was a 9 hole putt putt golf
Bonnie & Dennis golfing
Gene taking his turn
Then Tery's turn trying her sideway putt

Bonnie in the pool cooling off
Gene taking a break in the cool cabin

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