Ocean Shores Washington, April 22-23, 2011

Gene and I celebrated our 15th anniversary by going to Ocean Shores for the weekend. We stayed at the Quinault Casino and Resort. Since we were in a casino we weren’t able to take pictures inside. The first night we each got $10.00 free to play the slots. That was the extent of my gambling both nights, on their money. Never won anything, but that’s OK. Gene played some Blackjack and lost, not much though, he showed restraint.

Here is Gene enjoying a rare sunny day. It was above 60 degrees.

This is a view from our room

On Saturday there was a low tide and we went razor clam digging. Gene on a mission!

Gene has a special shovel just for clam digging

After you dig a couple of shovel full you have to reach into the hole and try and grab the clam and they are fast little guys.

Here he is! And he is a scrumptious beauty! But if you notice Gene’s eye is on the next dig.

I enjoyed people watching. There were all kinds out there digging. Here are 2 brothers wearing shorts and t-shirts. It wasn’t that warm by the water! They are using what is called a clam gun. It looks really hard to use.

And a father teaching his young son the joy of clam digging! Looks like they are close to their limit.

Here is my favorite little family. They each had a job. One of girls would find the clam bubble, then dad would dig, the other girl would get down and start digging in the hole to grab the clam, then mom carried the bounty. Notice the 2 girls are wearing blue rubber gloves. Their no dummy!

Here is our limit of 15.

A picture of a sand dollar. They were all over the beach.
We had a wonderful time. My sister and her husband came up Saturday. My nephew Patrick and his wife live there so we got together for dinner and drinks.