Santorini, Greece June 5, 2010

Santorini is located on the Aegean Sea. When the ship docked we had to take a tender (little boat from cruise ship to island) and either ride the mules or take the cable car up. There is also the choice of walking, but once looking up the hill, we opted for the cable car over the smelly stubborn mules

When we reached the town of Fira we walked around for a little bit

Gene checking out the glass bowls

Kamari Beach with black sand

Map of the Island by the bus stop

Walkway in front of beach

The beach was too cold to relax in a chair on the black sand, but it was beautiful

Oh-oh! Gene found a side street with shops! Look at those long strides to get there

After walking around (and shopping) Bonnie and Trish decided to relax while waiting for the bus back to town

This is a vineyard! The grapes grow low to the ground

It started sprinkling when we were on the bus and Bonnie took this fabulous picture through the bus window

The highest point, Oia

Once back in Fira we took another bus to Oia. This is the highest spot and has the most fabulous views

We stopped at the Pelekanos for a glass of wine and admire the view

Tery, Gene, Trish, and Bonnie

Bonnie Clark

Trish Patterson

Gene & Tery

Gene, trying on a hat during his shopping spree

One of the beautiful churches

Looking down at the water

Heading down to catch the tender

Time to head back down and this time Gene and I decided to walk. The cable cars were a little scary going up, I couldn’t imagine what it is like to go down. There is a legend with the donkeys: it's believed to contain the souls of the dead, who are thus doing their purgatory. Maybe this is why mules are so stubborn

So here we are heading down the windy steps

I decided to take a break. I bought this hat when we were up on top

Wait! Wine break! Gene trying on my hat with his fat head